Have you ever wondered where the funding comes from for PASD programs like Computers on Wheels, Mini-Grants for Teachers, Scholarships for High School Seniors, or After-School Tutoring?

How about the Wall of Fame, the Stock Market Game, the Phantom TV Studio, or the Activities Access Fund which helps families who cannot afford the new Pay to Participate fee?

We provide it! We are the Phoenixville Community Education Foundation (PCEF).

For many years, PCEF has held a fall gala to raise money for our students. This year we decided to forgo this event and ask our supporters to send us a direct donation instead of spending money on a gala ticket, babysitter, and outfit to wear.

If you have attended our events in the past, or you have a child in PASD schools, we urge you to support PCEF – our programs touch just about every child in our district. Want details? Click here for our list of priorities.

We welcome donations in any amount. If you have any questions about PCEF or our “phantom” ball, please take a look around on our website or call us at 610-933-5911.