2023 HOSA Club

“This project provided an incredible, consistent opportunity for our seven- and eight-year-old students to collaborate, share, create, and utilize strategy alongside a team. The morning opportunity to build and design with never before used tools brings a calming presence, an element of fun, and a creative outlet for our second graders as they enter our rooms to begin their ever-packed days.”

Second Grade Teachers, Manavon Elementary

“As part of our work in our new phonemic program, students need to use magnetic alphabet letters to spell given words. Using these letters helped not just with spelling, but also with letter orientation (b,d,p,q). We also used the rhyming sorts to help with kindergarten students sound understanding. ”

K & First Grade Teacher, PAELC

“This photo printer was a lifesaver in preparation for our 2023 art show, which was last evening on 5/2. It allowed us to make countless prints to be displayed of our students’ artwork. It also is much more accessible for us to use at any point throughout the day because it is housed in the art wing.”

Art Teacher, PAHS
2023 Scholarship Winner
PCEF Stepping Up 2022
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