Who will be there? What do I wear?
Answers to all your Phantom Fundraiser questions right here!

Q. Who goes to the Phantom Fundraiser?

A. You’ll see lots of PASD parents, PASD teachers and administrators, and folks from the local community who love to support education. (Please note, the dinner event is 21 and over)

Q. Is there a formal presentation at this event?

A. As soon as you check in, you’ll walk through our Student Showcase. This is where you can meet teachers and students who benefit from PCEF programs. Take a look at STEM supplies, or hear about club activities while you are in the showcase.

Before dinner, we will have a few introductions and a brief video. Then the rest of the night is dinner, dancing, and mingling!

Q. Can I sit with a friend? Or what if I don’t know anyone else going?

A. Everyone will have an assigned seat at a table. When you purchase your ticket, you have the option to choose a particular table to sit at, or we will assign you to a table. If there is a specific friend you want to sit with, please put their name as a note in your ticket purchase. (We have also created tables specifically for each PASD school building). We consider ourselves pretty good social coordinators and we don’t want anyone to have to worry about choosing a seat that night.

Q. Tell me more about dinner

A. Dinner is buffet style, with several options including a vegetarian dish. Dietary restrictions and allergies can be noted when you purchase your ticket or emailed to jcadigan@pcefonline.com There is a cash bar for alcoholic beverages. All bars take cash, one accepts credit cards.

Q.What do I wear???

A. You will see a range of outfits at this event. The official dress code is: Business casual or better (no torn or ripped jeans, sneakers, or athleisure permitted). Women will be wearing everything from jumpsuits to cocktail dresses. Men will be in business or better pants and blazers. Check out photos of previous events below.

Q. How does this event raise money for education?

A. The primary ways the Phantom Fundraiser raises money is through the sale of raffle tickets, the purchase of auction items, and attendee participation in Appeal campaign during the event. Every donation made that evening, large or small, helps us to continue our work supporting education in Phoenixville.

Q. How does the silent auction work? Do I need to bring cash or a checkbook?

A. The silent auction is conducted entirely thru your cell phone! When you bought your ticket you probably included a credit card that will be used to pay for anything you win in the auction.

The auction features a wide range of items, from handbags and sunglasses, to tickets to sporting events, to priceless items like a free recess pass for your child’s class or VIP parking for graduation. You can bid on items and find out if you’ve been outbid, all on your cell phone, while you are enjoying your evening.

Q. What if I don’t win anything in the silent auction? How can I help PCEF’s mission?

A. There are other ways to support our mission. We will have an opportunity to donate to our Appeal directly from your cell phone.

Q. How do I pay for my auction prizes? Do I have to stay until the very end?

A. The credit card you used to purchase your ticket will remain on file and auction purchases will be charged to this. You always have the option to pay via check that night instead. If you have to leave before the auction closes, your items will be stored at the PCEF office until you can make an appointment to pick them up.